Happy Birthday, Mom! (And The Bull Rider’s Secret)

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Yesterday I texted my mom – Aren’t you glad I’m having a book released for your birthday? 🙂 Crazy enough, today is her 75th birthday and the day The Bull Rider’s Secret is available in stores and online. And September 1st–the day The Bull Rider’s Secret ebook releases–is my 18th wedding anniversary.

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I’m not sure how that happened, but on numerous occasions I’ve had really important dates in my life connected to my book releases. I like to think of them as God winks.

My very first book Falling for Texas released on my daughter’s 10th birthday. The Rancher’s Surprise Daughter, which was inspired by my niece’s heart story, released last year with a spine that read August 18. 18 stood for the year, but it’s actually also her birthday–August 18th.

I’ve never been much of a numbers girl. I was pretty terrible at math in school, so it’s rather ironic that all of these numbers are lining up with my words. With God’s plan. Pretty sweet to see the silver lining of God saying, every step along this path has been met and known by me. Even in your darkest and most confusing moments.

It’s quite fitting that I would have a book release on my mom’s 75th birthday, because I really don’t think these books would exist if she hadn’t prayed them into existence. She’s always been a prayer warrior. Many of my memories include her standing at the stove, the dishwasher, over the sink or in the garden. I can’t even imagine the countless hours that she has spent praying while doing these tasks. Her prayers are like pieces of sand–too many to number.

This past week, my best friend – the one who I spent my childhood growing up with – honored the anniversary of her mom’s passing. Eight years. We’re far too young for that, and yet she’s already walked that journey for a long time. When she picks up to her phone to call her mom, there isn’t anyone on the other end of the line. I’ll never understand why. Why her? Why her mom? Why her story? Another woman I know has just been diagnosed was something I don’t even want to mention. And I think, why her? Why anyone is really what I want to know. Why the shootings? Why any of the evil. Why.

Oops. This blog was supposed to be about a book release and a birthday…and it is. Because all of the hardships remind me to celebrate the smallest moments in life. We don’t know how many we’ll have. That’s a number only God knows. Hardships remind me that we only have one life, so I need to be following God’s plan with it.

I certainly remember one blogger who impacted me immensely. She reminded me that God was good all the time. All the time. And a timely interview I watched this week reminded me that God suffered too. He did not make us do it alone.

So here’s to a new day. Here’s to recognizing blessings and birthdays and flowing with gratitude.

Thanks, God, for another day with my mom. Thanks for another book. I wouldn’t be where I am without either of you. 


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  1. How interesting! Happy Birthday to your Mom. I am anxious to read your book. Actually, I am collecting all the books in this series. Love your books.

    1. 1944 was a good year. Yep I am biased!! Happy birthday Jill’s mom. So grateful that you shared Jill with the. Buteyn bunch

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