Five affordable decorating finds!

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Many of you know we spent a good chunk of last spring remodeling and then a good chunk of summer moving. It’s nice to be settled in now, even though I am still slowly getting the house to my liking. (So many blank walls still to fill!)

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the products that have helped it feel like home. Many things in our house are thrift store finds – a post for another day! But of course, I can’t find everything that way even though I’d love to. So, here are a few of my favorite affordable finds that we used while remodeling or after.


I cannot tell you how many reviews I read before settling on this modern firework chandelier from Amazon. We have two over the island. They are bright and fun.

They also go well with this similar flush version, which we have by our front door in a semi-connected space.


I have all the feels for our new front door color. It was one of the first things I wanted to change about the house and one of the last things to get done. Such is life!

We tested a few samples to find the right color, and we ended up with Valspar’s Mariana Trench. I’ve become a huge fan of paint samples, and I will no longer choose a color without bringing home one of the little guys first. It makes such a huge difference to see the paint where it’s going to go!

Colorful Rug!

We had these couches at our old house, but I wanted to brighten up this room with some additional color, and this rug was the perfect addition. I like that this room feels cozy and casual.


While I am still working on adding art to the walls, I was able to bring life to our living room area with some new (and old) plants. My favorite planters are a modern chrome set. I like that they raise the plants to the right height for catching sun and that they add some style to the space.

Outdoor lights!

I can’t share my favorite decor items without heading to our backyard. We used these solar jar lights at our last house, and I added more at this one because they’re a favorite for the garden. They have survived every type of weather imaginable! I’m quite impressed.

I coupled them with the following garden hooks:

Thanks for popping in to check out a few of my favorite remodeling and decorating finds. If you have a favorite to share, drop it in the comments below and share with the class. 🙂 And in celebration of my new website (thank you, Jones House Creative!) I’m hosting a bookish giveaway on my news page. Pop over to enter!


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  1. Love the lights, and Love your Beautiful kitchen, and I Love the beautiful color you chose for your door It is all so Beautiful and I am so glad your back I missed your newsletter’s!

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  2. I love thrift shopping and then making it your own! I enjoy seeing what you’ve done to your house to make it more homey. My favorite is the color on the doors… awesome!

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  3. Love the firecracker lights!! Hope they never need to be dusted, but chandeliers were never designed to be dusted!!

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