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It’s book release day tomorrow! Yippee! We’re just a little excited around here.

I thought it would be fun to play true or false about The Rancher’s Surprise Daughter to reveal what’s based on real life and what’s purely from my imagination.

So here we go…

Wilder Ranch is based on a real guest ranch.


When I created Wilder Ranch in my mind, I hadn’t visited a guest ranch. After I had finished a draft, I decided to see the real thing. Lost Valley Ranch was gracious to have me out to visit. They answered a lot of questions that I had and showed me around. Lost Valley Ranch inspired a few things in the second book of the series that will be out next year. So while they helped me a ton, Wilder Ranch is definitely a figment of my imagination.

(some pics from Lost Valley)

Ruby is based on a true person.

True and False.

Ruby was inspired by a little girl who appeared on my walk. She lives a few blocks away and when I went by her house she was outside with her mom and she jabbered the whole time I went by. She was so full of energy and life and words. I immediately thought, this little girl has inspired a character. My kids can be on the shy side so it was fun to see another personality type.

Ruby’s heart defect in the story is based on someone I know.


Part of what prompts Cate to tell Luc about their daughter is that she needs heart surgery. When I started off brainstorming this book, I began with a little girl who needed a Kidney from her father, and that’s why the heroine seeks him out. But after some research, I realized how hard that recovery would be. And that it wouldn’t allow for parts of the book that I wanted to happen. So I switched it up. I called up my sister and asked if I could borrow from her story—from my niece and brother-in-law’s story.

My niece was born with a heart defect and she had to have open heart surgery at a very young age. So while I was able to glean information about that from my sister, it was definitely a different experience for Ruby in the book because the hole in her heart is a different size than my niece’s. My brother-in-law also had the same defect as a child, and that’s where that story line in the book grew from.

Westbend is a real town.


Although I’ve enjoyed writing it so much I wish it was!

Westbend is made up of pieces of my imagination, small towns I grew up driving through on the way to my grandparent’s farms, and a combination of ideas from small Colorado towns that I’ve been to. It was fun to have free reign creating Westbend. I love small towns and the fun characters that come to life from them.

I hope you all enjoy Luc, Cate and Ruby’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here’s some links to the book…

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • More options can be found here.
  • The book can also be found at your local grocery store: Walmart, King Soopers/Kroger, Safeway and more.



Luc Wilder’s surprised when his ex-girlfriend Cate Malory arrives at his Colorado guest ranch. And he’s downright stunned when she introduces him to his three-year-old daughter, Ruby. Bonding with the bubbly little girl is easy—Ruby loves ranch life, just like her daddy. But after all the secrets, can Luc and Cate find a way to trust in each other again?






This Rancher’s Surprise Daughter GIVEAWAY is open through 8/10/18.


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  1. What a fun post, Jill! And would you believe I’ve been to the Lost Valley Ranch? My parents took us there when I was a girl. Loved it. And so fun to see your picture of it. The T/F was fun too!

  2. Congratulations on your new book’s launch day!! I’ve pre-ordered my Kindle copy, and can’t wait to start reading. I loved the True & False background behind the story. Blessings to you!

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