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We usually find time in the summer to take our Jeep on a less traveled path and explore beautiful Colorado. Last summer we were doing exactly that when I was in the midst of finishing up writing Her Hidden Hope.

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This book was a tough one for me…it wouldn’t fall into place, and I ended up doing some extensive edits on it. I much prefer light edits to extensive ones, that is for sure!

I was writing a scene near the end of the book when Evan goes hiking in order to clear his mind. I wanted him to be able to have a fire (carefully, of course!) but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish that. Was there a safe place to have a fire in a Colorado forest? Our state is notorious for forest fires, so I definitely wanted to write something that made sense.

We rounded the corner, and there before me was the scene I’d been looking for. I could not believe it. The set up was perfect! I had to hop out and take some pictures.

Evan's fire scene

If you’ve read the book or are planning to, I hope you can picture the Hawke brothers Evan and Jace right there, just like I did. 🙂

It was so fun to have a God wink like that…for him to place me in that exact setting while I was writing that exact scene. I’m so thankful for a God who notices the small things and reminds us that He sees us.

If you’re looking for a copy of Her Hidden Hope, I have found that Amazon is shipping faster than they “say” they’re going to ship books. (Just based on a few I’ve ordered.) But my publisher always has fantastic sales, so be sure to check out Harlequin or Barnes & Noble if you’re looking for other shipping options. Her Hidden Hope is also available at Walmart stores and many grocery stores, and it shows up for ordering online at Target—whoop! How fun is that?


If you do grab a copy—thank you!—and I hope you enjoy Evan, Addie and Sawyer’s story. (And we can’t forget Belay the golden retriever since she graces the cover!)

In other book news, Her Texas Cowboy will be re-releasing in May along with Shannon Taylor Vannatter’s Counting on the Cowboy. Check out my giveaway of the book here! And you’ll find a Her Hidden Hope giveaway here.

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  1. Looking forward to reading it! Enjoyed The Bullrider’s Secret! [hope you/teacher & your family are faring well in these unusual circumstances!]

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