Ten quotes to help fight anxiety during the holidays

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What’s wrong with me? Is a thought that often plagues me during the holiday season. I posted the meme below on my social media the other day, and while it’s true and funny, there’s always a bit of my spirit that gets overwhelmed at this time of year. Which is how I always end up thinking: What’s wrong with me?

But then reality takes over, and I realize that if I feel this way, someone else probably does too. (It almost feels sinful to be stressed during the holiday season, doesn’t it? Especially when we’re surrounded by people who don’t understand what we’re feeling and might even be judging us for it.)

Since it’s unlikely that I’m the only one who feels both sides of the coin during the holiday season or dreads the chore of putting away Christmas decorations at the same time as we’re putting them out, I gathered a few encouraging quotes.

I hope they give you the same peace they gave me.

Hang in there, friends! You’re not alone if the thought of the holidays both excites you and makes you panic. 😊

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Glad you’re here!

Jill Lynn

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