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I spend the first week of school floundering to keep my head above water and hand in all of the forms. (My paperwork blog about says it all.) But how can I forget that the last week of school is equally traumatizing? Conversation like this ensue:


At least the teachers are entertained by my organizational issues. 🙂

The last week of school is out to get me. It knows I’m skating by. IT KNOWS I have nothing left to give. And that is when it asks for everything. Teachers, I know you’re feeling me on this.

Somehow we survived the last week. It is officially “summer” even though it’s spring. 😉 It wasn’t until after we’d left on the last day of school that I realized I hadn’t gotten a photo of my kids on the last day. Not one. No teacher picture. Nothing.

And so that is why today I made them do this–like the excellent mother that I am.

Me: We are going outside to take last day of school photos!

My daughter: Wasn’t that like five days ago?

Me: Yes, but this is the kind of mother I am, so this is happening.

Last day of school (sort of)

Don’t they look cute? 🙂

And the comparison I wanted to see… Mission accomplished, even if it is a few days late. 😉

First day of school (for reals)

First day of school (for reals)

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  1. Oh yes, I’m definitely feeling you on the last week of school thing. I was ready to pull my hair out by the time May 26th rolled around. And oh yes, on that last day of seventh grade, my oldest managed to come home with a mild concussion. Because that’s the way we Takenakas roll.
    And, if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even THINK to take a last day of school photo. You’re a great mom, Jill!

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      I am so sorry about the concussion! That definitely makes things so much harder. Hope he is feeling better. And that mama is getting some good writing done! You are a good mom. <3

  2. I seriously checked out by May 1st. I went into serious fade after Spring Break. This school thing kills me. I think I was more ready for school to end than my daughter. You made me feel not so alone. Thanks.

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