Waiting for Rachel

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I woke up and squinted at the clock this morning, and then it hit me…it’s release day for Her Texas Cowboy! I had that it’s-my-birthday-feeling, even though it isn’t. 🙂 But I guess a book birthday counts too.

This book and the two before it in my Texas series have been rumbling around in my head for years. I knew I wanted to write a three book series. When I first brainstormed, I titled them Teaching Olivia (now Falling for Texas) Loving Lucy (now Her Texas Family) and Waiting for Rachel (now Her Texas Cowboy.)

I almost can’t believe that years later, that dream is coming true as the last of this series releases into the world. And we did do some waiting for Rachel’s story, didn’t we? 🙂

It’s good to finally set these characters free!


Thanks for being patient and sticking with me on this writing journey!

I uploaded a little video…let’s see if this actually works. 😉 (Because you know me and technology… haha)



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