How do you say thank you to the best preschool teacher in the world?

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crayonsThere is a large chance I will break down this last week of school. My baby is headed to kindergarten next year. And while you might assume my issue is in letting him grow up (and of course that’s involved) my heart is more breaking over losing the best preschool teacher in the world. I know some of you mamas out there feel my pain. This teacher has loved my son as exactly who he is… in his silly, his need to mature, his growing from shy to outgoing, from barely-able-to-write-a-letter to reading. She’s patient, loving, fun, creative. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this woman.

The hubs and I have had some honest discussion about whether 6 year olds are allowed to take preschool for the third year in a row. (My son is a summer birthday, so he did two years of pre-K.)

In honor of the end of the school year and all of the amazing Pre-K teachers out there, I’m laying out my favorite things about preschool and preschool teachers.

These teachers teach our children to sit still. Sit. Still. Miracle workers! (I’m not saying my son continues this behavior at home, but still, it’s good to know it happens at school.)

There’s no homework.

All glitter projects are done at school, not at home. I cannot stand glitter. Seriously. Who created that stuff?

My son’s teacher acts as my counselor every afternoon in carpool line. We dissect our lives. (Mostly mine. Teacher: Dump all of your problems on me. I can handle it, just like I handle your child 3 times a week.) 😉

Did I mention no homework? And amazing crafts that would never happen at my house?

My son’s day at preschool looks something like this: We practiced our letters, reading, learned a song, dissected a Bible story, and then we made a submarine out of paper plates, gold fish, glue, paint, and glitter.

My son’s day at home: I watched a movie and played angry birds and you forgot to feed me, Mom.

So, how do we preschool parents say thank you to the best preschool teachers in the world?

If you’re like me, you forgot to get a gift. So we’ll shout it from the mountains. Thank you for shaping our children and loving them exactly as they are. May your crown in heaven make up for all the interruptions, tears, snotty noses, vomit, lack of flushing, pee-in-the-pants (and hopefully not more than that), missing backpacks, and forgetful moms on snack day.

We love you (and don’t know how we’re going to make it without you).

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  1. I was reading through your posts because I love your writing and I came across this…. Oh, how I cried again. Do you really know how much I appreciated this? You made my entire career worthwhile by writing this and I’m so thankful!! I live you tons!!

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