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Behind the scenes of Her Texas Family

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It’s release day for the paperback version of Her Texas Family, and I’m so excited to share this book with you all. I enjoyed writing Lucy and Graham’s story so much, and I hope you enjoy reading it! We found it in Walmart this week and had a small photo session with the book. 🙂 Here’s an outtake for you.


This one is such a goofball. Always making us laugh. Here he is reading a Ninjago book in the aisle. I’m not even sure he knows why we were taking a picture.


In the middle of Her Texas Family, there’s a scene where Lucy and Graham discuss things about them and whether they are true or not true. I thought it would be fun to play true or false regarding a few things from the book. Here we go!

My husband is like Graham in that he has great taste in clothes and shoes. TRUE. He has great style and a shoe addiction that rivals mine. Yes, we need more closet space. 😉


I’m just like my character Lucy. FALSE. Lucy was so much fun to write because we are opposite in so many ways. I am far more like Graham in personality than I am like Lucy. Except for the neat/organized factor. I am definitely messier like Lucy.

I would make someone sing along with me to a song in the car. FALSE. My husband is the one who knows the words to every song that exists and tries to make me harmonize and sing the girl parts.

I share Lucy’s addiction to eighties movies. TRUE. My husband and I both love eighties movies.

The scene about floor mats and dash protectant is based on a true story. TRUE. I definitely rock a messy car, though I really would love it to be clean. My husband loves a clean car, and he’s constantly cleaning mine. (He loves me. What can I say? I don’t deserve him.) He is all about anything to protect the car—mats and dash protectant included. In fact, he helped me with the lingo for that scene. Still makes me laugh.

Just like Lucy, I’ll wear my pajamas anywhere. FALSE. I do love to wear pajamas, but my pajama radius has limits. I don’t wear them in public, though I have been known to wear my slippers out once in a while. 🙂


Her Texas Family is in bookstores now, and can be found at Walmart and many grocery stores. Online, it’s on Amazon: http://goo.gl/rtV4j5

Barnes & Noble: http://goo.gl/uZND5G

Harlequin: http://goo.gl/SJcL4g and more.

Here’s some quotes from the book for sharing!

Ask God

Maybe what god has for you is different than what you've decided-1

He needed

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  1. I love the backstory! How did you know all the questions I had while I was reading? I love that Terry cleans your car for you! And your fam pics in the book aisle too!

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